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1808 Grandstand Drive
San Antonio, TX 78238

Patriot Community Mgt, LLC is a service based company, dedicated to providing affordable management services to Homeowners Associations in and around the San Antonio, Texas area.  Our Management Team has observed a need in the community for high quality, low cost Homeowner Association management.  You will find Patriot Community Mgt is unique in this field. We are designed to be flexible while delivering economic value with straightforward and honorable practices through our management services to benefit the individual Homeowners Association.

Mission Statement

            Our company will provide superior and outstanding service, with a smile and a solution, to every homeowner, community board member, contractor or client.

            We will be a business leader, by example, while maintaining the highest ethical standards for our customers’ and employees’ benefit.

            We will work to educate homeowners and Boards of Directors as to the true value of a homeowners association and the benefits it can provide to everyone.

            We will provide competitive pricing based on the individual needs of each community.

            Every member of our staff will be educated in HOA management and be able to help our clients and each other.

            We will work hard, plan ahead and have fun.

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